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Music Stuff

I loaded the music for my music class on my iPod and have been "studying" the pieces in my car as I go to and from school. The other night, I also turned it on while I was driving home with Dominic. The "Tonight Ensemble" from West Side Story came on while we were driving. When it ended, I was at a stoplight, so I turned around and asked Dominic what he thought of it. His eyes were huge and he says, "That is my most favorite song EVER!" and then begged to hear it again. He even analyzed it a bit saying he didn't like the beginning with the boys, but he really liked the "girl part."

Netflix doesn't have West Side Story on their streaming service, so I turned on Into the Woods instead. We watched the first act on Wednesday night and the second act last night. I adore that show. The second act never fails to choke me up. The song "No More," with its exploration of the father/son relationship between the Baker and the Mysterious Man (especially as it's a much kinder and thorough exploration of "like father, like son" that the Witch brings up earlier in the play), is one of my all-time favorites. You can hear it here if you're interested. It's audio only. I couldn't find the video with Chip Zien and Tom Aldredge.

In other news, Jonathan Coulton just tweeted that Glee ripped off his arrangement of Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back. Didn't even contact him. Now he's trying to figure out if they stole the actual music.



Seems pretty cut and dry to me. They stole it.

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