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Routines are good. Follow the routine.

Wednesdays have become odd at my school. The past few weeks, the parking lots have been full on Wednesdays. Usually, there's some sort of sign letting me know what's happening, but not anymore. They're just full and I end up parking even further from the building where I need to be for my class. That's what I was thinking when I pulled into the auxiliary lot and parked in one of the back spaces.

I noticed as I pulled into the spot that the car next to me was parked at an odd angle and was surprised when there was a person in the car looking straight at me. She looked me in the eye, glanced at the space between our cars and then went back to whatever she had been doing before I pulled into the space. So I was thinking about the oddly full lots and the look this girl gave me as I parked when I unplugged my phone from the car's speaker system and plugged in my headphones for my walk. I put on the headphones, turned on the music, climbed out of the car, pulled my backpack out of the back seat, and started to walk for class. As I crossed behind my car, I thought, "Oh... maybe I did park too close. Wouldn't hurt me to move over a little." So I threw my backpack back into the back seat and realized that I didn't have my car key. I panicked for a moment thinking I'd just locked myself out of my car, but quickly dismissed the idea since I'd just opened the back door. I opened the front door and realized my keys were still in the ignition. And that I'd never turned off the vehicle.

So, basically, because things were slightly weird today, I nearly walked away from my unlocked car while it was running. Thank goodness I decided to move my car for that girl who was still in hers!

My foot is still bothering me a little bit. I'm due for new shoes, so I used the remainder of the Amazon gift certificate my co-workers gave me to purchase a pair of Merrell barefoot shoes. My hope is that the shoes will strengthen my foot and leg muscles enough that the pain will stop. I should also see a doctor because I don't know what the hell happened that made it hurt so much. I do know the boots I was wearing when I hurt my foot were terrible. I threw them away.

I'm so out of shape that it's almost a joke. When I started the semester, I would get winded just walking on level ground. The fact that I have to climb a hill both ways was torture. I've noticed lately that even though the walk up the steep side of the hill* still winds me a bit, I walk much faster and without nearly as much panting. I feel pretty good about that. Also, a rather form-fitted jacket I've got fits slightly better than it did a few weeks ago. I'm not losing weight, but apparently I'm becoming more fit. Nice.

*I took a picture of the steep side of the hill shortly after a winter storm came through. The whole thing was a sheet of ice that was nearly impossible to navigate. I had to walk in the salted street to get down the hill on my way to class.

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Mar. 7th, 2013 04:23 am (UTC)
Wow. And I thought I've been having a strange winter. At least the jacket told you something nice.
Mar. 7th, 2013 10:36 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you decided to move your car!

I hope your foot feels better soon :(
Mar. 8th, 2013 05:24 pm (UTC)

Let me know how the barefoots work out for you. Yay, fitness!

You might also consider a one-time or occasional appointment with a physical therapist; I'm scheduling with one right now, because I haven't in 8 years and they did me a lot of good before. My experience has consistently been that they can look at my issues and quickly tell me some focused little exercises (mostly desk compatible) that will shore up the weak links in my shoulder tension or weak ankle.
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