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Long time no post!

Hi guys!

I didn't realize how long I'd been away until I received a "nudge" from a friend. Thank you for that!

I finished last semester with a 4.0 and then I took two weeks off both school and work. During that time, I spent quantity time with Justin and Dominic and leveled my brand-new Final Fantasy XIV character from 1 - 43. My goal was 50, but I couldn't quite make it. C'est la vie.

I'm back to work and school now, but I feel less panicked about this semester than last. I'm taking Sociology 101, Jewish History, Southeastern Asian History, and US Women's History. There are familiar faces in all my classes except Sociology, so that's nice.

My main reason for posting though, is to share this thread. You'll need to read through twice. You'll see why by the end. Background: I have 5 siblings. We text each other little stories about our day and then send selfies in response. It's silly, but we all seem to enjoy it. Also, my sister, Afton, eloped yesterday. (I typed this exactly as it appears on my phone)

Dec. 14, 4:58 PM
Amanda: (image of the tape section of Walmart. It's completely empty.) No tape on Christmas Eve!!!! What shall we do???

Aaron: Go to the office.

Tony: Ask a friend for their tape

Aaron: St Glue

Amanda: (image of a full tape display in another part of the store) You just have to know where to look. :) AND...I really wasn't out. Hahaha. I was just thinking of you guys.

Annissa: I always think of the Christmas Eve mom and dad ran all around town looking for tape and Aaron suggesting they just go to the office. Every Christmas.

Amanda: Actually, it was Aaron who was forced to run around town for yours.

Annissa: Oh no! Hahaha! I never knew that (Not Delivered)

Annissa: Mom forced me to get my drivers license. It's stuff like that that reminds me why I was avoiding it!

Amanda: He came home crying because there was no tape to be found everywhere. Aaron the said...why can't we just go to the office and get tape from there???? Please!

Amanda: Anywhere... not everywhere. Haha

Amanda: LOL

Tony: Hahaha

Aaron: And I got in trouble for not trying hard enough to fit d tape while you guys were using g elders glue

Amanda: So true

Aaron: (image of a child-size trampoline assembly manual) 36 pages

December 25, 3:18 am
Amanda: Woot!!! That's awesome!

Aaron: (image of assembled trampoline) Baby's first mma ring

Amanda: Hahaha! I love it and I know Gabe will too!

Annissa: Cool! Dominic desperately wants a trampoline, but it would be a matter of hours before some neighborhood kid would be suing me, m sure.

Annissa: (Image of Dominic playing with a building set he got for Christmas) Playing with the Christmas gifts

Yesterday 9:12 PM

Annissa: (Thumbs-up selfie) Congrats Affy!

Aaron: Congrats too. I thought the wedding was in may

Afton: The May ceremony is still on. Josh didn't want to wait that long to make it official.

Amanda: I'm soo excited for you guys!!! :)

Aaron: (Broken link)

Aaron: Oops

Aaron: (Thumbs-up selfie)

Alex: (Thumbs-up selfie)

Amanda: I think this deserves a duckface selfie (Amanda making an expression that isn't duck-face [totally an in-joke])

Amanda: I approve of this marriage

Afton: (image of her giving the thumbs-up while snuggling with her new husband)

Alex: I approve of both the marriage and Josh's sweet outfit.

Amanda: Show pics of the outfits

Aaron: Wtf Amanda. Where's the thumb?

Amanda: I tried. I really tried. This was the best I could do, lol

Amanda: (Thumbs-up selfie) Okay, here we go. But...no duckface attempt.

Today, 12:10 a.m.
Tony: Can u take me off this group message? I don't know who you are!!

Aaron: Whut evah sellout

Alex: Nope, sorry dude. You're family now.

Aaron: Was there a vote?

Afton: I was thinking that random number was a mystery Tony number. Who set this message board up?!

Aaron: Wait. That's not tiny?

Aaron: Tony

Afton: Tony has a 360 area code

Aaron: So who is that?

Afton: Our new mystery friend? HEY! New mystery friend!!! HEY!!! Yeah! You! ......hi.

Alex: What a jerk

Amanda: Mom says she likes you guys. You make her laugh.

Afton: So...where is Tony?

Amanda: Okay, Tony lost that number... hahaha Sorry strange person, we will start a new thread without you. Buh bye. :)

Afton: Lots of laughs, stranger. Keep in touch!

[end message]

I read most of that this morning, but re-reading the whole thread, I realized that the stranger had been responding to us! It was when we started posting pictures of ourselves that they realized that they had no idea who we are. We started a new thread with the real Tony, but Amanda is mortified that she sent out the picture of her making a dumb face to a total stranger.

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